Ahead of Eid, police tighten security in Tangerang

Towards the Idul Fitri, Metro Tangerang District police tighten safeguards critical spot a crime, especially places that did have some cash (cash money).

Kapolres Metro Tangerang Comr Pol Riad said, the government has emphasized the attention and peacekeeping at certain points. “What is? Like gas stations and convenience stores jewelry. Due Towards the Nona, predictable cash circulation will increase and we anticipate this momentum to a crime is not a target,” said Riad, Tuesday (8/7).

He also reveals, patrolling critical spot this evil will be called good independently or combined with the military police.

"Surveillance by our patrols will increase, both independently or combined patrol with TNI. Patrol in critical spot would be intensified," the toilet.

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He claimed, until the beginning of July 2014, the crime rate in the city of Tangerang decline. Still, he would still do the steps anticipation for the convenience and security of Muslims celebrate Idul Fitri.

Intel Releases Unique Chat Application

Intel Releases Unique Chat Application

Intel Corp. reportedly released a very unique chat application, called Pocket Avatar. Is unique, because the voice instant messaging application using facial tracking technology to add the sender’s caricature expression.

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Quoted from Reuters, Pocket Avatar launched on Thursday (19/6) by Mike Bell, an Intel senior executive in charge of the production division. This app uses the smartphone’s camera and microphone to record a short message while the speaker’s facial expression mapping will be aligned with one of the many cartoon characters in the Pocket Avatar. The message is then sent to the recipient, who may play, complete with avatar head movements, smile and blink.

In an interview, Bell said that the application is free to use in Android OS-based smartphones and the iPhone. This step is one of the ways Intel socialize face tracking technology that could appear on future Intel platforms, such as laptops or tablets.

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According to Bell, this chat application is unique and very fun and very easy to use. What’s more, chat now being a trend.


Attack World Government , 2 Hacker Arrested

Attack World Government , 2 Hacker Arrested

SYDNEY - Two men thought to have come from the online group Anonymous were arrested in Perth and Sydney . They are accused of hacked websites belonging to international and Australian websites .

Reported Theguardian , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) , the Australian Federal Police ( AFP ) said the offender was arrested after a search at his home in Penrith , New South Wales Scarborough , Western Australia .

Several computer hard drives and other equipment seized . Reportedly , it took several months to analyze the number of files or data stored on a computer hard drive belonging to the perpetrator .

AFP said, the two actors will be brought to this court to know each other online . They target organizations such as the largest Internet service providers and web servers or websites Indonesian and Australian governments .

Scarborough origin offender , 40-year -old Australian is accused of helping a modification without the permission of the computer network in Brisbane Melbourne IT LTd . Thus, the action causing disruption and modification without the permission from the Indonesian government web server . ( Read: cor logam )

While the man from Penrith , New South Wales 18 -year -old accused of modifying data without permission on NetSpeed ​​ISP in Canberra . The action causes disruption and unauthorized access and modification of data held ACT Long Service Leave Board in Canberra .


Issues sultry SARA, JK Want to Hold Koran Slam Jokowi-Prabowo

Mufidah Kalla, wife of vice presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla, respond to casual exposure to racial issues are addressed to the presidential candidates Joko Widodo.

However, he said, Jusuf Kalla or JK bit “hot” hear incessant preaching racial issues were related.

"This is Mr. JK said if Jokowi accused of a no-no, he will hold a Koran fight between Jokowi and Prabowo," said Mufidah while attending the declaration of support for the Green Hijabers Jokowi-JK at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Tuesday (27/5 / 2014).

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Mufidah sure the reports are merely groundless slander. He said, the science related Jokowi religious doubt. “Nah maybe yes, he’s pilgrimage. If you still want to be accused so, yes sparring Koran. Hopefully dilihatlah,” said Mufidah.


Fadli Zon: There are Bring Money and Have Ration Minister

Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon argued , there are those who come to mate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa to bring some money to ask the minister if the ration coalition partner that carried the red and white wins . However , he asserts , that person is not from within the internal bearer party partner .

" There are people from outside the party who brings some money to a minister , " said Fadli the national discussion in the context of the 56th Anniversary of the Indonesian Catholic Scholars Association ( ISKA ) with the theme leader and Honesty , in the Cathedral , Central Jakarta , Saturday ( 24 / 5/2014 ) .

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Fadli said his party firmly rejected an offer from the person. Related minister who is requesting rations and how much money was taken , Fadli reluctant to mention .

He insists there is no transactional politics conducted by Prabowo pair - Hatta . There , he said , is the power -sharing talks were conducted by each party supporters .

Power sharing is meant , he said , is a division of assignment of each political party mate Prabowo - Hatta bearers . If there is a good party cadres and able to carry out the task , he said , why not maximized his ability .

In addition to the discussion Fadli Zon , was also attended by the Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle DPP , Andre Parera , Deputy Chief Editor of Kompas, Budiman Tanureja , Executive Editor of Tempo Magazine , Hermien Kleden , and Executive Director of the Indonesian Employers Association , the Supreme testifying.


Gerindra: Yenny Wahid Support Prabowo-Hatta Airport

DPP Secretary General Ahmad Gerindra Muzani states , the daughter of the late Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur , Yenny Wahid , providing support to the presidential and vice presidential candidate pair - Prabowo Subianto - Hatta Rajasa . He hoped that , with the support of Yenny , will bring the Gusdurian and extended family into the car NU - Hatta Prabowo supporters .

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" Yenny Wahid has claimed join us , " said Muzani , at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

According Muzani , Yenny support against Prabowo - Hatta really is not too surprising because she is the wife of a politician Gerindra , Dhohir Pharisees .

"In addition , in 2009 , Yenny also supports Prabowo . Yesterday also election time , help Gerindra . So that now supports , not surprising considering his consistency over the years, " said Muzani .

Although states joined , Muzani claimed not to know whether Yenny will be included in the winning team Prabowo - Hatta or not . The winning team , he added , will still be discussed at a coordination meeting at the Polonia winning team , Friday night .

With the inclusion of Yenny , Muzani hope that more solid to support NU - Hatta Prabowo . In addition , as a descendant of Gus Dur , Yenny is also expected to bring the Gus Durian is not of the supporting Prabowo joined NU - Hatta .

" Yenny that’s kiai child , the child figures had Wahid were very strong followers , many variants of both NU and non - NU , and Gus Durian . Insha Allah more solid , strengthened the position of NU , especially coriander NU already expressed support in personal , "said Muzani .

Muzani statement is different from the recognition Yenny Wahid . Yenny , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) yesterday , had met with Hatta Rajasa . However , he admitted the family of Gus Dur has not expressed support for the presidential candidate there .

" At this moment , our position ( Gus Dur’s family ) are still in the middle , " Yenny said .

Yenny also admitted meeting with Hatta only form of friendship and not in a position to bargain .


CLA: Decision Support Mahfud MD Not Disturb to Jokowi-JK

Vice Chairman of the Shura Council of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Maschan Ali Musa believes that the support of the Nahdliyin to pairs of candidates for president and vice president Jusuf Kalla Joko Widodo and will not split with attitude Mahfud MD as Chairman of the Winning Team Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa . He considered Mahfud not have a strong influence in determining the direction of the support of NU .

"Is it Mahfud NU ? She baseball ever so NU . NU She was only culturally , baseball never any positions in the organization at NU . Nah too influential , so it ‘s up to him alone , " said Ali Maschan in building complex MPR / DPR , Wednesday ( 05.21.2014 ) .

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Ali called Mahfud just never joined the NU Student Association ( IPNU ) , remaining active in Mahfud precisely Indonesian Islamic Students Association ( HMI ) . In fact , Ali said , if a genuine NU normally would prefer to join the Indonesian Muslim Students Association ( PMII ) . ” Of course there have been visible , ” said a member of the House of Representatives Commission VIII .

Older sibling members of the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) , Masykur Ali Musa , was also admitted to still believes Jokow - JK support remains solid . That’s because Jusuf Kalla is an advisory board ( mustasyar ) Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) 2010-2015 .


Aplikasi Facebook working”Video Chat”

After failing to acquire Snapchat development company , the social networking company Facebook reportedly was making a video chat application . Facebook employees call Slingshot .

The execution of the Facebook video chat application that has been done in a few months ago , the Financial Times reported .

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According to sources close to the plan , video chat application that will allow users to send short video with a touch-screen navigation .

There is a possibility Slingshot launched in May 2014 . Though , according to the Financial Times sources , there is also the possibility of Facebook decided not to launch the application .

Based on the rumors circulating over the years, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly overseeing the secret project after rejecting Snapchat acquisition offer worth 3 billion U.S. dollars in 2013 .

Snapchat , which was founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy , now popular among teenagers . The application allows users to send photos via smart phones that automatically disappear within a few seconds .


Freehold land in Bali increasingly Limited!

The availability of land in Bali’s increasingly limited and expensive . Based on data from Real Estate Indonesia ( REI ) , the increase in land prices in Bali reached 400 percent per year .

Not surprisingly , the increase in the price of land is very expensive to make an investment condo hotel ( condotel ) property on the island that could be used as potential high-value investments . Currently marketed many Condotel in Bali which the certificate is lease hold or tenure of 30 to 50 years , and it’s still a lot of buyers . This can happen , because the income from Condotel rental value per year is still very promising .

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" It’s a new lease , what if investors get offers condotel property in Bali , would be more profitable to invest because tenure is forever belong to the consumer , " says GM Marketing Grand Orange Beach Condotel Bali Pandavas , Ratdi Gunawan , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05.13.2014 ) .

Ratdi explained , Grand Orange Pandawa Beach Condotel Condotel Bali is a four star property with a certificate . Limited to just 129 units , Condotel will be marketed starting price of USD 899 million and is currently 60 percent condotel already sold .

" With the tourism potential as well as the limited land with land title in Bali , would be a double benefit to investors , " said Ratdi .

Until now , Bali is still the belle of the region to invest Condotel , Bali is considering an international tourist area with the target market is so vast , both domestic and foreign tourists . Note Kompas.com , 2016 Bali is predicted to be filled with 67 new hotel rooms include 12 226 .

Meanwhile , based on data from the Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) until the end of 2011 alone , Bali has filled 22,000 hotel rooms . This number swells when a year later there were about 3,400 additional rooms . Successive Bali will be crowded with about 4,700 rooms and 4,100 rooms in 2013 to 34 226 from 2014 to 2016 the number of rooms Thus fulfilled .

" Until now, the average hotel occupancy rate in Bali at above 85 percent , " he said .


Take It Dizziness There SDA meeting her Counter

Coriander PPP , Suryadharma Ali claimed the entire head of DPW is present dipertemuannya support pencapresan Prabowo . He chose not bother with those who did not come even make a counter meeting .

" Yes indeed there ( another meeting ) . I do not want to judge ( on other meetings ) .
DPW West Java ( Rahmat Yasin ) was invited , North Sulawesi , East Java , there is no lag with the spirit of reconciliation , ” said Suryadharma Ali after meeting at Hotel JS Luwansa , Jalan Rasuna Said , South Jakarta , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

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He said this meeting is informal only . However, the results of the meeting will still be delivered as an input in Rapimnas PPP on 10 May.

" We are trying to conclude the present DPW 27 to Prabowo 100 percent . Dimaintenance We both agreed . So that when the time comes , can Rapimnas formally decided . Could meet demand exists Pak Prabowo . , But it was postponed until the right time , " he said .

According to differences of opinion in support of PPP candidate is a natural thing . He felt very strong support to the local cadres to be supported PPP Prabowo .

" I think by far , the spirit is extraordinary . They are not only based on the aspirations of the leadership aspirations of people in the area but their area . Elite support No point on a particular candidate if no community support , " he said .

At the same time , the head of DPW West Java Rachmat Yasin choose to hang out with some people who called the head of DPW . The meeting is informal and had also planned to hold a meeting before the SDA .