Anas cases, the Commission examined the East Kutai Regent

East Kutai Regent Isran Noor KPK summons , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) . Isran will be examined as a witness to a suspect acceptance of gratuities from Hambalang project and money laundering , Anas Urbaningrum .

" The invitation of the Commission as a witness in the case related to Mr. Anas Urbaningrum , " said Isran in Building Commission , Kuningan , South Jakarta , on Thursday .

However , he claimed not to know what to ask the investigator . He will explain later after being questioned .

" I do not know exactly , just like that. Connection with it ( Hambalang ) alone . Later when I came out to explain , " he said .

KPK Anas ensnare the article in the Law Combating Money Laundering after developing a case of alleged graft Hambalang project that ensnaring Anas first .

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According to KPK spokesman Johan Budi some time ago , the Commission may investigate Anas assets while he served as commissioner of the Commission . Anas recorded as commissioner of the Commission from 2001 to 2005 . By using the Law No. 15 Year 2002 on Money Laundering in suspicion of Anas , the Commission may investigate its assets Anas below 2002.


Golkar would win the presidential If Fixed stretcher Ical

Director of the Political Communication Institute , Heri Budianto said Golkar chance to build its own axis in the Presidential Election 2014.

" I saw Golkar could build its own axis with one or two coalition parties , " said Heri to ROL , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) . According to him , currently Hanura is already exploring party coalition with Golkar . ” And this is a step forward . ”

Ideally , he said , candidates who carried the Golkar Party is a figure that has a high level of desirability . If not , Heri said , it would be difficult for a candidate to compete with Golkar and PDI-P candidate Gerindra .

Based polcoMM Institute survey released April 3 , said Heri , the presidential candidate of Golkar Party Bakrie ( ARB ) occupies the 3rd position with 6 percent electability . While electability Jokowi Prabowo 31 percent and 19 percent .

According to him , the low Golkar candidate electability , it should be a reference for Golkar elite to back a political strategy . ” Golkar is a big party that has never won the election battle in the era of reform ” .

With so many capable and qualified cadres , he said , Golkar should not run out of national leaders . ” I see Golkar cadres qualified and not shortage of people to put forward a presidential candidate or running mate , ” Heri said .

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With this political reality , he said , Golkar should immediately consolidate and develop a new political strategy in the face of the upcoming presidential election .


Play Games Not Reduce Children’s Achievement, Really?

When playing video games while still in school, parents often remind you certainly do not play for too long. And worst of all, if you are in school grades declined, parents would blame you for being too old to play games.

But in fact, the video game does not have a detrimental effect on learning achievement at school children or adolescents. Thus the results of a survey of a new study conducted by researchers at Flinders University in South Australia.

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According to one researcher, Dr. Aaron Drummond, their research found that there is little adverse effect on children’s performance in reading, but the impact is considered too small.

"Basically it’s not a big problem. Has never been a comprehensive examination of whether there is connection or not between playing video games among students with their performance at school. Though many argue there are a lot of negative associations, but the evidence is not enough," said Drummond.

Citing page Ubergizmo, Tuesday (15/04/2014), the study itself is based on analysis of data from about 192 thousand students in 22 countries around the world and data from participants Programme for International Student Assessment in 2009.

In a previous study conducted by the University of Rochester in New York, United States, says that teens who love to play video games that focus more on what is going on around him, when compared with those who rarely play games.

In addition, people who often play games also have the ability to control some of the activities within the same time aka multitasking.

The results of this study are also very surprising since the process of learning through playing games is more rapidly absorbed. In terms of games can help train people who have trouble concentrating.


More Galaxy S5 Booking of Galaxy S4

Samsung officially market the new flagship Android smartphone , the Galaxy S5 , in Indonesia starting on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) . The phone is priced at Rp 8.5 million .

Samsung has opened bookings Galaxy S5 premiere on 22 March to 5 April. Vice President of Business Mobile Samsung Indonesia , said Andreas Rompis , ordering the Galaxy S5 premiere for two weeks was 45 percent higher than the sales of the Galaxy S4 , which was launched in 2013 ago .

" We also give an opportunity to the consumers to get direct training in order to take advantage of the maximum of the excellent features of the Galaxy S5 , " Andrew said in a press release received KompasTekno .

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Galaxy S5 , the operating system of Android 4.4.2 Kitkat , has a 5.1 -inch landscape display . Panel technology brings Super AMOLED screen with Full HD quality .

Kitchen runway Galaxy S5 comes with a high specification . The phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor speed of 801 quad-core 2.5 GHz , 2 GB RAM , 16GB storage capacity , and 2,800 mAh battery .

Of the sector of the camera , the Galaxy S5 has a 16 megapixel sensor . He was able to record the quality of the UHD ( 4K ) and real-time HDR . On the front there is a 2.1 megapixel camera .


Search for Black Box MH370, Malaysia Discussions with the International Expert

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia’s government will discuss with international bodies and experts related to the right to the plane’s black boxes Malaysia Airlines MH370 is missing .

" The Attorney General was in the UK to discuss , with the International Civil Aviation Organisation ( ICAO ) and the international and domestic legal experts , who actually had a relationship with the black box , " said Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Malaysia , as reported by the Straits Times , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

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But she said if the current focus is aircraft location search . Search missing plane enters second month without any significant breakthroughs . Prime Minister ( PM ) of Australia Tony Abbott gave an ultimatum that the plane search will likely take a long time .

In addition , Hishammuddin also denied a newspaper report that said that the copilot Malaysia MH370 Fariq Abdul Hamid had made ​​a phone call when the plane was flying low near Penang on March 8 .

" As far as I know , no , but it will be the domain of the police . I do not want to speculate , this is done to honor the family of the pilot and copilot , and I do not want to interfere with the investigation . "

He also denied claims from other Malaysian newspaper if MH370 loss related to Diego Garcia .

" That’s not true . Such as the Western media , they are free to report whatever they want to report , but in the end , if they are false statements , then they lose credibility , " he said .

Diego Garcia is a place in the Indian Ocean , where the U.S. military ( U.S. ) has naval and air bases and runways that can accommodate large aircraft .


Already 36 days, MH370 debris thought to be impossible to meet

The mission of Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight search in the Indian Ocean has entered the 36th day on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) . The aviation analyst considers it impossible to find the wreckage above sea level .
The reason , besides the already too long , currents in the Indian Ocean are also notorious . So most likely if there is floating debris , will drift and spread so quickly .
Jim Tilmon , a former pilot and aviation analyst at American Airlines , told CNN , dubious rescue team to locate the wreckage above sea level is remote .
"The amount of debris left behind in the accident will likely vary based on how MH370 swept away , " said Tilmon , who reported on Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) .
Since MH370 aircraft disappeared on March 8, 2014 , many have caught debris satellite imagery . But , none of the related proved that the 239 carrier aircraft .
" It is highly unlikely that the ( aircraft ) Boeing 777-200 will slip under the waves ( sea ) as a whole , " said Tilmon . " If the ( plane ) was destroyed , the pieces of the aircraft may have been tossed around at sea level , " he added .
Pierced into the sea
To this day , there has been no confirmed sightings of debris derived from MH370 aircraft . ” Reuntuhan will be spread over a large area , ” said Tilmon . ” If the plane dived into the sea at a steep angle and at high speed , probably sank , ” he continued .
Such a case , according to Tilmon , never happened on Alaska Airline plane that crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California in 2000 . Where 88 people on the plane were killed .

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" It’s not like when your hands are plugged into the water , it’s more like when your car hit the wall , " he depicts the plane crash .


Banyuwangi Travel Launches Android-Based Applications

Government Banyuwangi regency , East Java , is planning to launch an Android-based tourism applications as part of efforts to promote various tourism potentials in the local area .

Banyuwangi Regent Anwar Abdullah Anas told Reuters during a press conference in Jakarta, Sunday ( 04/06/2014 ) night , describes the development of a tourism promotion application that motivated the increasing penetration of smart mobile phones ( smartphones ) in Indonesia and various countries .

" Now the penetration of Android -based smartphones , including very high . Fact , Indonesia is the fifth largest country in the use of smartphones , so the tourism marketing should always be relevant to the market conditions , " he said .

Anas said that one of the characters travel consumer is ” high involvement ” , ie they will seek information as to how the potential of tourism in the area to be visited .

Therefore , the availability and distribution of information is the key factor , so the Internet becomes one of the main reference source for the public or tourists .

" Now a lot of people open up internet via mobile phones . If the way our campaign was not relevant to condition , travelers will find it hard to find information about Banyuwangi , " he said .

In the application named ” Banyuwangi Tourism” , tourists can get a variety of information about the potential area nicknamed ” The Sunrise of Java ,” as aspects of historical, social , culinary , natural and cultural attractions , as well as maps of the area attractions .

To complement this strategy, he added , it continues to promote the creation of effects of “word of mouth ” aka the power of word of mouth marketing . Banyuwangi want to create a positive conversation through conventional media campaigns and social media , like Twitter and Facebook .

In addition , a video about the tourism potential Banyuwangi regency has also been uploaded on YouTube and has been viewed thousands of times by people from various countries .

" We continue to encourage ways of creative development and marketing , creating a ’ crowd ’ that can bring a crowd of people and build positive conversations about Banyuwangi in the world of online and offline . This will create word of mouth , marketing strength -based recommendations from friends or inter - word of mouth is very effective , "said Anas .

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Anas added that the tourism sector is able to quickly create a turnaround in the economy and society if it can be optimized , Banyuwangi tourism will give a lot of positive impact on society .

" Tourism is one of the economic driving force of society , combined with other sectors , such as agriculture and processing industries , " he said .


China Seeing Objects Around White Ping MH370 `Indian Ocean`

China’s air force aircraft saw several white objects floating in the area detected the sound of ’ ping ’ suspected of a black box or black box Malaysia Airlines MH370 . The object looked at a point 90 miles from the location of detected sound ’ ping ’ .

Head of Australian Operations Coordinating Board , Chief Marshal Angus Houston said , the characteristics of the sound ’ ping ’ and bodies allegedly related to the missing plane .

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" The characteristics of the reported suspected to be associated with the MH370 . Yet there has been no confirmation that provide strong clues for the moment , " said Angus , as published by Reuters on Sunday ( 04/06/2014 ) .

He explained that it is currently digging further information , such as the search continued and asked for an explanation to the Chinese about the white object is visible.

Detector is deployed black box ship Haixun 01 previous track ping sound with a frequency of 37.5 kHz per second which allegedly emitted signal s in point deraja Llintang 25 South and 101 degrees East longitude .

Search has been carried out large -scale multinational teams from 26 countries in order to find the black box that the battery will end up next to her voice today , 6 April 2014 , after 30 days from the aircraft reported missing on March 8, 2014 .

Dozens of military vehicles and weapons are deployed , including 10 military aircraft , civilian jets 3 , and 11 ships that roam the area of ​​217 square kilometers is located 1,700 miles west Perth , Australia .

2 ships are equipped with specialized divers search tool below sea level to detect the pinging sound of the black box , since Friday morning . Namely Australian Navy Ships Ocean Shield and the British Navy ship HMS Echo is equipped with sound detectors pinging black box .

Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people , disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing . The aircraft is believed to have an accident in the southern Indian Ocean , although the objects related to the plane has yet to be found .

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Just 2 Version Nokia X in Indonesia

Nokia smart phones based on Android is actually made ​​up of three models , namely the Nokia X , Nokia X Plus , and Nokia XL . Model Nokia X certainly enter the Indonesian market on 12 April 2014 . Then, what model of Nokia X and Nokia XL Plus ?

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Product Manager Nokia Indonesia , Wirda Haryany , reluctant to give certainty about the presence of Nokia Nokia X Plus and XL in Indonesia . ” We would love if there are updates information about new products , ” he told a press conference in Jakarta , Thursday ( 03/27/2014 ) .

However , a reliable source told KompasTekno , that Nokia XL will enter the Indonesian market . Meanwhile , the Nokia X Plus models do not enter Indonesia . Unfortunately , the source does not give certainty about the date and price of Nokia XL .

Nokia XL seems to be sold more expensive than the Nokia X which cost Rp 1.6 million . Because , there are some improved specs at the Nokia XL .

Differences Nokia X and Nokia XL

Nokia XL has benefits on a larger RAM capacity , ie 768 MB , larger screens measuring 5 inches , and a battery capacity of 2,000 mAh . Nokia XL rear camera both equipped 5 MP sensor , but has an LED flash and front camera .

While Nokia X only equipped with 512 MB RAM , 1,500 mAh battery , and a 4 -inch screen size . The rear camera is not equipped with an LED flash and no front camera .

The rest , the Nokia X and Nokia XL has the same specifications . Kitchen spur mobile phone is supported by the Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 dual - core types Play Cortex - A5 1 GHz , supports dual SIM cards ( GSM ) , and utilizing the base operating system Android 4.1.2 ( Jelly Bean ) which has been modified by Nokia . The operating system is called Nokia X Platform Software .

In developing Android , Nokia only utilize licensed Android Open Source Project ( AOSP ) from Google that can be used by anyone free of charge because the operating system is open ( open source ) .

With this , the company can change the look of the Android interface in Nokia X so it looks like the look of Windows Phone , which is thick with the feel of the boxes .

Meanwhile , Nokia did not buy a license Google mobile services called Google Mobile Service ( GMS ) . Therefore , the Nokia X series mobile applications and services do not provide Google by default , ie, Gmail , YouTube , Google Maps , Hangouts , Play Store , to the Google+ social network . (see also: waptrick video)

In fact , the system does not support the Nokia X application programming interfaces or application programming interface ( API ) made ​​by Google . Nokia requested that the Android applications that take advantage of the Google API modified , and using APIs made ​​by Nokia .


Had the Thai Air Force Admits Detection MH370

The Thai military said their radar detects aircraft is probably the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . The radar detection occurred just minutes after communications jet Boeing 777- 200ER types disconnected .

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But Thailand does not share that information with Malaysia . The reason , its neighbors it has not been requested .

The findings presented by the Thai military spokesman Air Force Thailand , Montol Suchookorn . He said the plane then turns up the waterway, a place where the presence of military radar reading MH370 Malaysia in the early morning March 8 . ( read : French Come Join Search Malaysian Airlines)

However Montol said the Thai military did not know if they are detected by radar and military radar Malaysia is the same plane .

The slow pace of Thailand share this information raises questions about the extent to which some countries sharing their defense information . When asked why it took so long to release the information , Montol said they did not pay particular attention to the emergence of aircraft on radar at the time. ” Royal Thai Air Force only pay attention to any threats to our country . So anything that does not look like a threat to us , so we just watched without taking action , ” he said .

He said Malaysia Airlines plane never entered the airspace of Thailand and Malaysia that the initial request for information on the early days called non-specific searches .

Separately , Malaysian officials said the search area was expanded MH370 . ” The entire search area is now 2.24 million square nautical miles ( 7.7 million square kilometers ) , ” Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in a press conference this evening . ( read : Debris in the Strait of Malacca , Malaysia Airlines ?

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Search area extends north to south Central Asia , passing through the western end of China including Xinjiang and Tibet to the Indian Ocean in the south western part of Australia .

source:http://www. tempo .co/